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Music is a Universal language, one embodied by a band composing of some of the most talented musicians in the world, Cross Culture.   As the name suggests, Cross Culture is a multi-genre, hip-hop/pop band led by lyricists, Saidu Ezike (Liberia/Staten Island, NY, USA) and, NeMiss ChiYork (Chicago/New York, USA).  Featuring the an international mix of musicians, Cross Culture has a genuine diverse of cultures and musical styles that make this band stand out amongst others.  Bianca espinal, vocals (Brooklyn, USA), Jihee Heo (Korea), Evan Hyde (Michigan, USA), Reggie Williams (Washington, D.C) and Jude Kim (Korea), all elite and touring musicians complete the band.  With an emcee many compare to Jay-Z and another many compare to Lauryn Hill, top notch vocalists and high energy, emotion bending, performances, sky's the limit for this group as they will be taking the national and international scene by storm.  The Cross Culture experience is truly a memorable one.

Saidu Ezike

Emcee/Band Leader

A product of the home of the legendary Wu Tang Clan, Staten Island, by way of one of the country's top institutions, Cornell University, Saidu expresses his passions for education and music in his rhymes. Saidu Ezike's (pronounced Say-doo E Zeek) is an emcee many compare to Jay-Z. Saidu’s objective is to unleash his brand of music on the entire industry, at all costs. "My greatest goal is to bring back the realism in music. Not everyone shares a common paradigm and I want to represent for the truly unique."

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Nemiss ChiYork


A product of the legendary Chicago hip-hop scene, Nemiss ChiYork is a rare breed.  A female emcee with a powerful voice and a message, Nemiss continuously breaks barriers.  Doubling as a singer, Nemiss is the ultimate package.

Jude Kim


This Berklee grad has contributed to projects ranging from the hip-hop of Run-DMC to the pop-folk of Ada Pasternak.  This musical diversity is responsible for some of the great music composed by Cross Culture.  With an incredible amount of musical credits, Jude is a bass player and a musical director matched by few.



Bianca espinal aka bia.e is an incredible sanger (with an 'A').  Hailing from Brooklyn, ny, she brings that NYC soul and swagga to the mic.

Evan is a beast on the drums.  Hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA and a product of WMU and Miami schools of music, this man also knows his stuff. Swagga.

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Evan Hyde


Jihee Heo


Born and raised in Seoul, Korea, New York based Jazz Pianist and Composer. jihee began playing classical piano at age 4. Influenced by greats such as Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, and Keith Jarrett, Jihee switched to jazz piano at age 16.  Hailing a masters degree from Manhattan school of music, jihee is insane.  She brings the academics to the funk.  Swagga.

Reggie Williams


Reggie Williams has also got a ton of swagga. He hails from Fort Washington, Maryland and an music alumnus of the Ellington School of Arts and Maryland Eastern Shore.  He also is a dual threat.  Dominating on the Sax, he also adds groove to the music via the congas.  Swagga.

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